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A Look Inside the Life-Changing Choice I Made

How many ways can your life change within an 18 month time-span?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  Let me count the ways….. no, I won’t bore myself.


Part of me thinks I should be writing today about the third stage of my process to listen to myself.  (I spoke of this process in my last two posts, here and here).  But, as I hope I say enough in so many ways… “Out with the shoulds!!”  This feels like an appropriate time to take my own advice.  What I really want to write about today is the amazing membership program I joined 18 months ago that has completely revolutionized my life.


That’s a strong statement, right?  Complete revolution of my life.  It’s true.  I would not be where I am in life without this group of women.  In May of 2017, I was lost.  LOST.  I was a new mother, living in a new community.  We had a fledgling business that clearly needed my attention, but I was needing to stay at home with our 6 month old daughter for another 6 months until the local daycare would take her.  I was planning a wedding that was growing out of control (over 400 invites and more than 220 people showed up!). I had support on the surface – a loving partner, working hard to provide for us, worried about my sanity; his parents, generous with their time and sensitive to my needs.  I had a good pediatrician, a gym membership, a budget for the big party, a beautiful beach just 5 blocks away, friends and family to take my calls/texts, food in the fridge, multiple forms of transportation – but none of this helped my inner feeling of sinking.  I felt LOST.


Overwhelm has this creepy way of infiltrating every little crevice of your life.  Being overwhelmed with parenting, or new business, or even wedding planning is perfectly normal.  There’s clearly a LOT to do.  When it’s allowed, though, overwhelm can take a place at the dinner table, in the shower, in your closet, on your Facebook feed, Netflix options, the living room, pantry, your dreams…. it sucks.  Actually, just discussing this membership with my partner overwhelmed me for weeks.  When I finally brought it up, in tears, at the witching hour, just before the doors closed… he said “Why do you even feel like you need to ask me for this?  Of course, sign up!”  (Note – overwhelmed me reacted defensively to this question – the Why part in particular – but I got over it and signed up, grateful for his permission that I didn’t actually need but somehow did).


So what’s this membership all about?  It’s called Origin® and it was created by the lovely Kate Northrup-Watts and her amazing team.  She created it to fulfill her own desire of a community of entrepreneurs who were also in the mothering process (whether with babies, adults, pets doesn’t matter – the word “nurturer” is most relatable).  Everything we discuss in Origin® is based on the Core Content – Cyclical Living and the “Upward Cycle of Success“.  You learn this basic concept in the very beginning of your membership and she’s offering a free video training of the four stages of this cycle here.  Once you understand this basic concept, the magic really begins to happen.


Here’s what’s included:  At the beginning of each month we receive a “Cosmic Weather Report” from the great Jennifer Racioppi, Astrologer and fellow Origin® Empress (we’re all Empresses in this group).  She tells us important transitions and moon phases throughout the month, explaining in detail what energies they bring, and suggesting ways to strategize businesses and life around them.  Next we receive a “How-To” Lesson which can be anything from “How to Talk to Your Kids About Money” to “How to Build a Membership Community” or “Build a Style and Wardrobe” or “Set Priorities”.  These 30ish minute videos are to the point and usually include a handout/pdf that reminds you of the steps along the way.  The “Maven Masterclasses” are my favorite.  Each month, Kate hops on a video call with a fellow female entrepreneur doing amazing things in this world to discuss life.  These calls are closer to an hour and are so engaging and inspiring.  Most of these women also have families and, of course, their own unique struggles and victories (current and past).  Kate’s interview style is so genuine and personable – she asks inspiring, thought-provoking questions that get really juicy answers.  At the end of each conversation I typically spend a little time exploring the Maven’s website and business… usually I end up signing up for their newsletter and following them on social media, if not buying the book or product.  The following week, Kate hosts a “Live Q&A” on Facebook (or Zoom) usually with the person she interviewed, sometimes the Maven hosts it all on their own.  Empresses get to ask their own burning questions specifically related to the interview and the Maven’s work or the How-To.  All of this amazing content is tied together with a Facebook group that is the most nurturing, inspiring, supportive part of the entire membership.  Kate, herself, participates in the group, as well as her amazing team and all of the Empresses in the membership.  The group is never sales-y or pushy about products, programs or ways of doing things.  There’s a time each week to spotlight your business and the Empresses really respect these boundaries.  It’s a safe place to come when you need support, guidance, advice or just a place to vent frustrations that come up along the way.  One of the common frustrations is overwhelm and Kate is quick to point out that all of this content is available at our own pace – there is no race to the finish line or time-sensitive material.  There are downloads for audio versions of everything and printable pdf’s for those who prefer to read instead of listen.  The content is released on a timeline, but it’s not necessary to follow the same order.  There are Masterclasses I have yet to listen to and How-To’s I may never get to, yet some of them I have revisited multiple times.  Women have connected all over the globe through this amazing network, and I’m proud to be one of them.  This last fall, Kate hosted the very first Origin® LIVE event in Portland, ME, which I also graciously got to attend.  There was about 40 of us Empresses collected in a beautiful refurbished train station for an entire day of inspiring discussion, laughter, tears (of happiness) and epiphanies.  Friendships were solidified and established that will last a lifetime, I am sure.


The part of this membership that really transformed my life is the Core Content about Cyclical Living.  It’s nothing new – actually it’s ancient wisdom that has been hushed over the years and ignored as we’ve let the world grow so masculine.  It’s not a feminine-only sort of concept, either.  I’ve been explaining to/teaching my partner about these concepts since the very beginning and we both agree that they have altered our life for the better.  Everything cycles in this world – daily, weekly, monthly, annually.  We see these cycles overlap and can apply them to business, projects, family, and our day-to-day routines.  Even one of our favorite songs as a couple says: “everything’s round” and it’s so true!


Having embraced this natural, and at times obvious concept has created a sense of ease and flow in my life which has allowed me to flourish instead of wallow in the overwhelm.


I feel like I belong to this world and my voice deserves to be heard.


I can handle the pressures of motherhood, marriage and entrepreneurship with more grace than angst.


I am more in tune with my body and the needs of my family and my SELF.


I feel organized and competent.


I have more happiness and energy for fun things in my life.


I feel joy more often than overwhelm.


I am more present and fulfilled by my day-to-day routine.


I look forward to future endeavors and projects instead of feeling the daunting pressure of adding more to my plate.


I make time for myself – to be creative, move my body, nurture friendships, and REST.


I am not perfect.  And this membership has in no way eliminated the overwhelm of life.  Nothing from the outside has changed, (ok, the wedding is done, but now we are less than 2 months away from being a family of 4…) the stresses are relentless and always will be.  Of course there are times of frustration.  I feel depression’s scaly fingers on my shoulder occasionally.  I cry.  I have tough days.  I struggle to get it all done sometimes.  Most days, it just doesn’t all get done.  And that’s ok.  What’s been invaluable is the support this membership provides.  The Facebook group, the friendships I’ve made, the welcomed flow of sage advice and honest sharing of experiences.  The foundation that I now live my life upon is solid.  I would not be where I am today without uncovering this wisdom.  I would not have uncovered this wisdom without Origin®.


I’m honored to be invited to be an affiliate of this amazing program this year.  As most of you know, when I like something I like to shout about it from the mountain-tops.  I’m quick to bring it into discussion and have no problems “talking someone’s ear off” when I get the opportunity.  I cannot say enough positive stuff about this program and how life-changing it has been for me.  If you feel like it could benefit you or a loved one in your life I would be honored if you signed up through me (click here to get on the list).  It would be such a treat to see more familiar faces and names in the Facebook group and to know that I’m not figuring all of this out on my own.  Cyclical Living is revolutionary and it’s not a “new” thing… it’s as old as our species has thrived on this planet.  This is not “out there” or “woo woo” kind of thinking, it’s intuitive and lives inside of you as part of your inherent, genetic make-up.  It will change your life.


When you sign up (here) you’ll begin to see emails from Kate that include her free 4-part video series where she explains the program and benefits in more detail.  Enrollment for Origin® actually opens on the 22nd of January and closes on the 31st.  The videos will be available on the 15th, 17th, 21st and 22nd.  She will do two live webinars on the 28th before the cart closes.  I’ll be along for the ride and available for any questions you may have.  Anytime you comment on this blog or respond to my newsletter I personally receive it.  I’m always available via social media (Facebook and Instagram) and many of you even have my phone number.  I’m being called to share this with you.  If it resonates with you and you want to try it, I’m honored to be by your side for support.


Much love,



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