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A shift

Dear fabulous readers of this blog,
Thank you so much for caring about my writing and for listening to my stories. In this new chapter of life, I have decided to continue writing on a different site than this one that you follow. I’m sure I’ll come back to Rather Be Creative eventually. For now, if you’d like to still listen in, I’ll be over here at Rather Be Mama. I’ve challenged myself to write something every single day for the next 365 days. A little different than the every other month (if that) routine I was in before. I completely understand if it’s not of interest to you. And I am honored if you feel like following. 
I’ll be back over here when life becomes creative again….which it is already/still, but just in ways that are so different that I must go about handling them in a different way. 
Namaste, Much Love, Aloha, Caio Bella….

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