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Sweet Dreams

The following is a post I wrote a few of evenings ago after a wine tasting night with a couple of girlfriends.  I’ve only edited some spelling and grammar issues, but I thought it was pretty funny (and inspiring) so I’m posting it…. in all of it’s silliness… what the hell, right?  I hope we all allow ourselves to go out and live a little once in a while (at least!).  And hopefully those moments are full of fun and silly times.  I’ll catch up a little more on the other side……..

From the back deck of our house, beautiful mountains!

From the back deck of our house, beautiful mountains!

I haven’t written in a while….duh. Life becomes hectic if you let it. The good news is that I’ve been hectically working on healing myself and learning the tools for a new, healthy career. Life has it’s ups and downs and if we let the downs take control we can quickly find ourselves in a northern hemispheric plunge down our so-called life-toilet. I’m proud to report that I’ve been keeping my raft inflated and the currents haven’t approached swirl yet. Fortunately I’m a beach-aholic and am really good at having a good time out in the sun no matter the circumstances. I’ve enjoyed learning about all of this nutritional information, science and ideas.  I’ve been intrigued by dietary theories, but so easily overwhelmed and distracted by all there is to know.  Tonight, as I enjoy the blissful buzz of a ladies night if wine tasting, I am reminded of how good life is and feel obligated to do what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time…write. I can’t be concise so I’ve been detached. I want to share everything but I would lose your attention. In the process of healing I have learned that it’s not necessarily about arriving at a destination of “healed” but rather a beautiful journey called life that is full of healthy adventure, good food, delightful company, experiments, and a positive loving outlook on life. Our bodies are amazing vessels which we have been given to embark upon that journey in…. We have every power upon this earth to fuel that journey with all of the nutrients we need. To share this inherent truth with the world is important to our well-being as humans. I’m amazed at how proud I am of my raft and my beach ability.

Our first over-nighter on the boat last summer.

Our first over-nighter on the boat last summer.

Ha… so did I loose you on the beach metaphor?  I think I was caught up in the spring-like winter that we have had and thinking too much about vacation in the islands.  What I was trying to set a metaphor for was staying afloat in the sea of nutritional information that is out there for us.  I love some quality time in the water or on the beach, so you’d think I would be good at “floating” amongst the scientific, nutritional, healing info.  And I am…. to some point.  It’s really hard, though.  I know you feel my pain when it comes to seeking information.  It’s confusing.  Every dietary theory contradicts the next one… there are supplements and tests and diets and cleanses for days and days if you want to look for them.  So which one is right?  All of them.  None of them.  Depends on who you are and where you are in life.  It doesn’t matter what your friend does, what your spouse needs, what your kids like (or don’t), or what works for your favorite celebrity.  What matters is what works for YOU.  So how do you figure out what works for you?  You SLOW DOWN and LISTEN.  (Funny, that was the KBUT (local community radio that both Nate and I DJ for) ‘logo a couple of years back).    You live in the now and you learn to listen to your body.  Intuition will tell you what is good and bad for you if you LISTEN to it.

This is where all the learning is happening.... and occasional nourishment.

This is where all the learning is happening…. and occasional nourishment.

I think this is the hardest part of learning to heal my body – the listening.  Our culture has developed a desire for instant satisfaction.  We want to take a pill for everything, and then we need a pill to fix the side effects of the first one.  What kind of f*cked up system is that?  Doesn’t your inner child (or hopefully not so inner) cringe at the thought of that?  Don’t you feel slightly embarrassed by our collective disregard for the power we have as individuals?  I do.  I’ve been convinced that there is a solution out there for me – for weight loss, for depression, for gut issues, for acne, for fatigue, itchy skin, loss of hair, painful periods, anxiety, stiff joints……. the list goes on and on…. and I’m sure there are just as many “cures” out there on the market as I can come up with symptoms.  The truth is there IS a solution.  There IS a solution for each of us and it doesn’t come in a pill, or a diet, a magic powder or juice.  It comes from YOU.  My personal solution is yet to be precise, but the small changes are working.  I eat whole, organic foods.  I drink lots of water and minimal alcohol, no caffeine.  I pay attention to my sleep and make time for rest and relaxation.  I’ve removed unnecessary toxins from my home and self-care routine.  I practice slow, methodical movement and deep breathing.  I enjoy nature and time with friends and family.  I am grateful and I make a point to share how thankful I am.  Most importantly, I know that I am on a healing path and that everything I am doing for myself is working perfectly.  This is MY answer…. for now.

I know I haven’t kept up with my lofty blogging goals.  I have forgiven myself for that, but it has taken some time.  I think about this space often, however, and I’d like to spend more time here.  Thank you for listening to me, for your feedback and your attention.  My goals are to be shorter and more concise with my posts.  To not be all over the place with my ideas.  I got a beautiful new camera for Valentine’s day and have some great photos to share along with some recipes and who knows…. maybe some audio or video posts?!  The ideas are flowing……..

In the meantime. let me know what you would like to learn about!  What are your concerns with shifting into a healthier happier lifestyle?  I know it can be scary to think about changing your diet, or routine.  What kinds of things hold you back?  I’d love to hear your thoughts… maybe you’ll get your very own post dedicated to you!

Dining at the local Farm to Table restaurant on Valentine's Day

Dining at the local Farm to Table restaurant on Valentine’s Day

Here’s to a Healthy and Happy transition into spring.  It may not feel like it quite yet, but with this new season comes so much growth and clarity, just by nature.  Enjoy the experience!!

To Our Health!


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    Cindy Cramm
    February 28, 2015 at 7:52 pm

    Loved reading about your road to health. It is a journey!!

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